Coronavirus Clean up

Coronavirus under a microscopeThe Era of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease has taught us so many things. Among them are to remain vigilant concerning hygiene issues and to ensure high standards of sanitization. The surfaces at the place of work and your home should be cleaned regularly and the work done by health professionals is more important than ever. Globally, all health professionals are engaged to come together to provide reliable information on how to curb the spread of coronavirus and bring back the normalcy in trade, tourism, business activities and other aspects of everyday living.


Health professionals are working together with employers and other government agencies to make sure that we keep learning and evaluating COVID-19 to help eliminate the spread, and find a vaccination. Here are some basic approaches that employers are doing to ensure COVID-19 clean up:

All employers liaising with local authorities and protocols, together with state health professionals to ensure people are given daily updates concerning the virus. Any other helpful information such as protocols and chemicals that can be used to lower chances of contracting the virus.


Employers are advised to work together with employees and other staff members on matters concerning cleaning the environment and sanitizing offices. What to do in the case employees contract the virus or are presumed to have the coronavirus should report any symptoms to the hospital within 24 hours after exposure to  the virus.

After reporting their symptoms to the employer and the health departments, they are given a direct link where they can get help and get their services delivered to them. The health department solely provides direction.

Employers should ensure proper training of the staff’s members and corona cleaners and provide them with PPE and train them on how to use them diligently, which should be done immediately before commencing the cleaning tasks. They taught how to wear, use and how to dispose of after use.



Workers should be familiar with the chemicals to use, which should be in line with OSHA’S Hazard Communication Standard.

After following all the above factors, the spread and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will be lower, and the world will come to normalcy again.

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